3-time NBA All-Star dies, saving his own wife

It’s really a sad story, that happened with former NBA center-forward, 3-time all-star, 59-year old Dan Roundfield.

In early August, he drowned off the Caribbean island of Aruba while helping his wife as she struggled in rough water, according to AP.

Roundfield, who played 11 professional seasons with Indiana, Atlanta, Detroit and Washington, had been swimming with his wife, Bernie, off the southeastern tip of Aruba, when they became caught in rough water beyond a protected reef area, a police spokesman on the southern Caribbean island said at that time.

Roundfield was apparently swept away in a strong current as he tried to help his struggling wife.

Police and firefighters, the Coast Guard and volunteers searched for him, finding his body about 90 minutes later, trapped by rocks underwater.

Bernie Roundfield, who said she was helped to safety by a U.S. tourist snorkeling nearby, said in an interview that the couple, who live in the Atlanta area, had come to the island with their two grandchildren.

The couple had visited Aruba nearly 20 times and were caught off guard by the strong currents at the swimming area known as “Baby Beach,” even though they had been there many times in the past.

Dan Roundfield first entered ABA (American Basketball Association) in October of 1975, joining the roster of the Indiana Pacers. In 67 games with them, Roundfield averaged 5.1 ppg in 11 minutes of game time.

Next year, when the Pacers joined the NBA, Roundfield was already averaging 13.9 ppg and 8.5 ppg.

In 1977-1978, Roundfield played 79 games for the Pacers, averaging a double-double with 13.4 ppg and 10.2 rpg.

The next year, Roundfield was traded to Atlanta Hawks, where he spent his next 6 seasons, averaging double-doubles in points and rebounds in each of those 6 seasons. His highest scoring year was 1982-1983, when he averaged 19 ppg for the Hawks.

Roundfield was later traded to the Detroit Pistons and then to the Washington Bullets, where he finished his career after the 1986-1987 season. After the NBA, Roundfield played the 1987–1988 season in Italy, for Auxilium Torino.

In his NBA career, Roundfield played 746 games, averaging 31.4 mpg, 15.2 ppg, 9.7 rpg, and 1.5 bpg.

During his career in the NBA, Roundfiel was named to the “All-NBA Second Team (1980)”, 3 times to the “NBA All-Defensive First Team (1980, 1982–1983)”, 2 times to “NBA All-Defensive Second Team (1981, 1984)”. He was also the “MAC Player of the Year” in 1975.


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