AC Green: school student in another country knows his NBA dream can come true

ac-green-suitThe NBA has become very international, as more and more players outside of the United States are playing professional basketball in the NBA, on the highest level.

In particular, retired NBA champion AC Green has recently noted that just like in the World Cup, the NBA Finals has players representing France, Argentina, Australia and Italy.

“This really lets us know much sports transcends culture and makes a global impact,” Green wrote recently on SportsBlogs.

“There’s been a lot of discussion about how San Antonio has nine players from other countries. The impact of these players on the world is amazing. Not only are young kids from their countries watching basketball at a young age, but now these players are going back and helping to develop the sport in other countries as the game continues to grow,” he said.

Green added that these countries now produce NBA-quality players via, for example, academies in China.

“These international basketball players have found their own paths, and now are being showcased in the greatest league’s spotlight during the height of the greatest moment…the NBA Finals,” Green wrote.

“I think this is a window into how popular the sport of basketball has become globally. Now an elementary school student in another country knows that the NBA dream can come true for them if they work hard, focus, listen to their teachers, pay attention to their coaches. They could be the next one. It’s a window of hope,” Green said.

Former NBA player noted that it is exciting to thing about a country like China finding their next player, or places like  India and the Philippines, both countries that love basketball, waiting for their first breakthrough player.

“This is a global sport that impacts the world, and we are going to continue to get the best players, and they are clearly not just from North America. Just 10, 20, 30 years ago, we were only looking in our backyards. Now we know there are guys and girls out there who can really play basketball…and we need to get out there and find them,” Green said.

“Sports can truly tie the world together into a much bigger story than one can imagine. And I love being alive today to witness it all,” he noted.

A 1990 NBA All-Star, AC Green spent 16 seasons in the NBA, playing for the LA Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, and Miami Heat. He appeared in 1278 NBA games (832 started), averaging 9.6 ppg and 7.4 rpg in 28.6 minutes of playing time.


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