Bernard King: I fell in love with basketball first time I made a basket

bernard-king-hall-of-fameBernard King has been waiting for his call to the Basketball Hall of Fame for a long time.

Finally on Sunday, he was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts, CBS Sports reported.

King was put on this planet to score buckets and that’s what he did in his incredible but frustrating career.

His career scoring average of 22.5 points on 51.8 percent shooting undersells just how effective he was during a career that was marred by knee injuries.

While his body may have disappointed himself and many, he certainly didn’t disappoint when he was on the court.

For King, playing basketball as a kid involved sometimes clearing snow from a playground court in Brooklyn.

“I fell in love with basketball the first time I made a basket,” he said.

“I stand before you on the shoulders of my ancestors,” King said.

“Even my great, great aunt Pearl who I spoke with when she was 103-years old at the time my daughter Amina was born. I will never forget what she said to me. She said, `I’m happy you had a girl.’ And I inquired, ‘Why is that?’ Aunt Pearl said, ‘A girl will grow up and give you grandkids and a boy would only disappoint.’ Aunt Pearl, I’m in the Hall of Fame. I hope I didn’t disappoint.”

King went on to praise his time at the University of Tennessee and with the New York Knicks, where he was at his best during his career.

Even with the knee injuries that robbed him of his full greatness, he was still able to earn his way into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In his 14 seasons in the NBA, Bernard King averaged 22.5 ppg and 5.8 rpg in 33.7 minutes per game.

He reached a personal record in 1984-1985, averaging 32.9 points per game for the NY Knicks. During his career, King played for New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz, Golden State Warriors, NY Knicks, and Washington Bullets.

A 4-time All-Star, King played in 874 NBA games, starting in 547 of them.


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