Ex-player Bobby Jackson: I worked out for 15 NBA teams, none of them drafted me

bobby-jackson-sacramentoFormer NBA player Bobby Jackson has recently appeared on the KHTK Radio Show, where he recalled his NBA career, and spoke about his current activities.

Recalling how he got drafted, Jackson revealed that he wasn’t even invited to the draft, but he still showed up.

“If I was going to be the 60th pick, I’d still be in that arena,” Jackson said.

He also recalled “an ugly suit” he had to wear on the draft day.

“My agent set everything up, my friends, my family were there. I probably had like 200 people in the stands. People from Salisbury, childhood friends, my mom, aunts, uncles. The place was 30 minutes away from where I grew up. It was amazing,” he recalled.

Jackson got selected with by the Seattle SuperSonics in the 1st round (23rd pick) of the 1997 NBA Draft, and was then traded to the Denver Nuggets, where his career officially took off.

“”I worked out with 15 teams and not one of those 15 teams drafted me. I don’t know, maybe I had horrible workouts, but none of those teams drafted me,” Jackson said, adding that he didn’t work out for Sacramento, where he spent most of his NBA career.

“I thought was going to be picked between 15th and 20th pick, but then when I got pass 20…I was nervous but at the end of the day I just wanted to be drafted,” Jackson said.

Further speaking about the current generation of players, Jackson said that this generation is “totally different from ours and from our time when we grew up and played”.

“They listen, but at the end of the day, they have their own mindsets. Some of them need a reality check at the end of the day, because if they were good, they’d be going to the playoffs or winning championships,” Jackson said.

“I say it as it is – if you don’t take your team to the playoffs or winning championships, then there’s something you need to change about your game,” he noted.

“Guys come out and think they can dominate the game, but can they make their teammates better? Are they making their team better?  Are they moving the ball when it needs to be moved? Are they good teammates? Are they willing to work hard? Most young guys don’t want do that, they only worry about themselves,” Jackson said.

Former NBA guard also noted that “most scorers don’t want to play defense, but at the end of the day, you have to”.

Speaking of his today’s activities, Jackson noted that he has an upcoming golf tournament at Timber Creek Golf Course in early September.

Jackson admitted that he once went to a celebrity golf tournament and he was hooked on the game from there.

“I love golf. I try to play whenever my 5 kids allow me to. I’ve been doing it since 2003. The last time I took my 3 girls with me to the course and we ended up having a water fight on the golf course,” he said.

Jackson played in total of 755 NBA games (143 started), holding career averages of 9.7 ppg, 3.1 rpg and 2.6 apg in 22.2 mpg. He averaged career high 15.2 ppg for Sacramento during the 2002-03 NBA season.

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