Ex-NBA champion Bruce Bowen answers fan questions on Facebook


On May 3, former NBA player Bruce Bowen joined the fans on the NBA official Facebook page, and answered some of their questions.

During his NBA career, Bowen played for Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and San Antonio Spurs. He went on to win three NBA championships with the Spurs (2003, 2005 and 2007).

Bowen, known for his defense, averaged career high 8.2 ppg for the Spurs in 2004-05, and holds career averages of 6.1 ppg and 2.8 rpg, appearing in 873 NBA games (644 started).

ExNBA compiled his answers into an interview, which you can read below.

How would you defend Stephen Curry?

First of all, I would deny him the basketball. He’s an incredible talent, especially when he has the ball. If he happens to get the ball, the only shot that I’m giving up to him is a layup. No three point shots. It takes a team to stick to the game plan in trying to limit his effectiveness.

Who do you think is the best defensive player in the league?

I think DeAndre Jordan and Joakim Noah are two of the best interior defenders. As far as wing play, there’s Tony Allen. He does a really good job. There’s not too many out there like that.

Best pure shooter of all time?

Bruce Bowen: Let me start if off this way. I’ve been fortunate enough to play against Glen Rice, Allan Houston, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Steve Kerr, and no disrespect to any of those players, but they are all so effective. It’s hard to select just one.

Toughest player to defend, in your opinion?

Michael Jordan. His ability to make adjustments during the game, he was the best that ever was. Normally a player needs to see film to see exactly how effective I am against them and then they become better. But MJ made the adjustments right then and there. Behind him the one that competed with him a great deal is Kobe. A lot of times guys might relent during the course of the game. Kobe didn’t do that as some of the other guys did.

What do you miss the most about playing?

It’s the relationships that you develop. I’m fortunate that I got a chance to share three championships with guys that I am very close to today in Timmy (Duncan), Manu (Ginobili) and (Tony Parker). I don’t miss the physical aspect of traveling and the game per se. Because I think I did it on my own cause. A lot of guys don’t have the opportunity to leave the game as I did. I am still very close to the game. It’s really not a matter of missing because it’s really about the relationships you develop during your career.

Who was your role model growing up?

My role model was my Uncle Kevin. He taught me that no matter what, you could do things for an honest pay. He was a janitor at my school and never did talk bad about his job because it was honest. He continued on with schooling during that time, and he’s been teaching now for the last 20 years.

Why did you wear #12???

One of my favorite quarterbacks to ever play the game wore number 12 and that was Roger Staubach. Everything I heard about him was that he was a character guy who worked hard. Nothing came easy to him. I felt like that was what my whole path was about. It was all about doing your due diligence and working hard to accomplish your goals.


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