Carmelo Anthony looks to pass more ex-NBA stars on all-time scoring list

carmelo-anthonyOKC Thunder’s Carmelo Anthony has recently passed Ray Allen on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

Anthony surpassed Allen in a game against the Mavericks.

During the game’s third quarter, with the Thunder trailing big, Anthony got hot from downtown and connected on a few three-pointers to help keep the team within striking distance.

With 3:35 remaining in the game’s third quarter, though, Anthony connected on a three-pointer to both bring the Thunder within 10 points and push him past Ray Allen on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

Thus, Allen is now 24th on the list, with Anthony moving up to 23rd spot.

Earlier in November, Anthony passed Allen Iverson on the all-time scoring list, and there was a pretty significant coincidence in the fact that he did so in Denver, where he and Iverson were former teammates.

Anthony now is just one of the four active players to rank in the top 25, with the other three being Vince Carter (No. 22), LeBron James (No. 7) and Dirk Nowitzki (No. 6).

If Anthony stays healthy and continues to keep up his scoring average, by season’s end he may surpass not just Vince Carter, but also Patrick Ewing and Jerry West. The two currently ranked No. 21 and No. 20, respectively.


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