Corey Maggette still not signed with NBA team, just might retire

corey-maggetteCorey Maggette said recently that if he couldn’t make the San Antonio Spurs roster – and it was a long shot going in – he was going to retire.

After going through the Spurs’ camp, Maggette was waived from the team, which is the reason to believe this is an end to Maggette’s 14-year NBA career.

“If I could get an opportunity here, it would be great. If not, this game has been good to me,” Maggette said prior to being released, NBC Sports reported.

In his better years, Maggette was a solid overall player who brought one elite skill to the table — he could draw fouls and get to the line with the best of them. He led the league in free throw attempts in 2004 and was in the league’s Top 10 in attempts six times.

Maggette was never an NBA All-Star, yet he was posting All-Star numbers for several seasons. He averaged 17.3 ppg for his 8 seasons with LA Clippers, reaching career-high 22.1 ppg in 2004-05. He then averaged 19.3 ppg for 2 seasons in Golden State.

Career wise, Maggette played in 827 NBA games (478 started), averaging 16.0 ppg, 4.9 rpg in 28.2 mpg.

Maggette’s physical style of play — he was built for it with some of the biggest arms in the league — helped him in his better years, but that style also started to lead to physical breakdowns in recent years.

He couldn’t stay healthy. Combined with declining skills and he played just 18 games in Detroit last season, 32 in Charlotte the season before that.

San Antonio extended him a training camp invite this season, but with 14 guaranteed contracts on the roster already he was going to have to amaze some people to get a contract. That didn’t happen.

Maggette has not spoken publicly about his possible next move, whether he would retire from the NBA and move on to play overseas, or stop playing at all.


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