Court denies Horace Grant’s request for lower child support

horace-grant-rodmanA court in Utah has denied an appeal from former NBA star Horace Grant to reduce the child support he agreed to pay in 1997.

Grant, who has retired from the NBA years ago, earns less money than he did back then, yet he might still have his payments reduced, according to the Salt Lake Tribuine.

Grant’s case was sent to 2nd District Court Judge John Morris in Davis County for further arguments.

Grant’s daughter was born in 1996. Grant and the mother, Ann Gore, reached an agreement approved by a Pennsylvania court the next year. Gore later moved to Utah.

The original agreement for payments was for Grant to pay $3,000 per month, with a 3 percent annual increase. By the end of 2013, the monthly payments had reached $4,812.

Grant also agreed to buy Gore a house and pay for any major repairs. Gore was responsible for standard maintenance.

Grant today earns far less than he did in his playing days. According to the Court of Appeals ruling, Grant earned $14.3 million when the agreement was reached. Between salary and deferred compensation, Grant earned $46.5 million between 1996 and 2011.

The court documents said Grant “lost substantial sums of money from investments and failed business ventures” after his career ended.

The ruling says Grant’s holdings in 2013 included $124,000 he earned in promotional appearances, plus about $1.65 million in other assets.

Grant filed a petition in Utah in 2011 asking that his support payments be reduced. After a one-day trial in May 2013, Judge Morris reduced Grant’s monthly payments to $1,011 a month. In overturning the trial judge, the three-judge panel from the Court of Appeals in a unanimous ruling called Gore v. Grant “unusual.”

While Utah law allows for child support payments to be reduced when circumstances change, the justices said the trial judge was too generous to Grant.

Grant spent 17 seasons in the NBA, playing for Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Seattle Supersonics and Los Angeles Lakers. He won four NBA titles – three with Chicago Bulls and one with LA Lakers. In his 1165 games (1037 started) in the league, Grant averaged 11.2 ppg, 8.1 rpg and 1.0 bpg.


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