Cuttino Mobley being sued for not paying credit card debt

cuttino-mobley-clippersEx-NBA player Cuttino Mobley has not played in the NBA for some time, as well as he hasn’t been paying his credit card bills, TMZ reported.

Mobley – who signed a five-year contract back in 2005 for $42 million – is being sued for running up a $95,846.62 American Express bill which has gone unpaid.

A representative for Mobley says someone used Cuttino’s card without permission and therefore he’s disputing the charges.

As an NBA player, Mobley appeared in 747 NBA games (581 started), averagin 16 ppg in 37 minutes of playing time.

He spent his first 6 seasons with the Houston Rockets, averaging a career high 21.7 ppg for the team in 2001-2002.

He spent his last 4 years with the LA Clippers.

Mobley averaged double-figures in scoring in all of his seasons, except his rookie season.


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