Dale Ellis salutes San Antonio Spurs, expects Miami to change roster

dale-ellis-denver-nuggetsFormer NBA All-Star, 3-point specialist Dale Ellis, predicted before the finals, that the Spurs would win this year’s title, beating the Miami Heat. They did, 4-1.

“The Spurs are the best team in basketball. Winning is all about teamwork. They won their 5th championship after finishing the year with the best record in the league, they also made their 4th consecutive appearance in the Finals,” Ellis recently wrote on SportsBlogs.

It should be noted that Ellis himself played two seasons with the Spurs (1992-93, 1993-94), averaging 15.9 ppg in 33.5 mpg.

“Spurs have already stepped over a NBA history milestone, now that’s a thing of the past. This year’s NBA Finals will be talked about, for the rest of NBA History,” Ellis said.

Former sharpshooter hailed Kawhi Leonard’s game, adding that “this young man’s future is very bright”.

Ellis also believes that now Miami Heat will be making significant changes to their roster, preparing for the next NBA season.

“Expect the Heat to make changes in their roster to complement their Big 3,” Ellis said.

During his 19 NBA seasons, Dale Ellis played six-plus years with Seattle and also spent time with Dallas, Milwaukee, San Antonio, Denver, Charlotte. Ellis appeared in total of 1209 NBA games (589 started), averaging 15.7 ppg, 3.5 rpg in 28.8 minutes per contest.

Upon retirement, Ellis traveled the world as an ambassador of the game. For 12 years, he visited places such as Asia, Europe and South America. He also spent time in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait visiting U.S. troops.


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