Dennis Rodman’s heart-warming farewell to best friend, late ex-NBA center

jack-haley-dennis-rodman-spursFormer NBA center Jack Haley died on March 16, reportedly from a heart-related disease.

A 51-year old spent his 9 years in the NBA playing for Chicago Bulls, New Jersey Nets, LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs.

Haley’s former teammate Scottie Pippen sent his condolences via Twitter, saying “Very sorry to hear my old teammate, Jack Haley, has passed away. Great guy who I stayed in touch with over the years.”

Haley was known on the Bulls team for his friendship with Bulls star Dennis Rodman, and he bristled at suggestions that he primarily served as a babysitter for Rodman. Haley however, has always denied the rumors, saying that him and Dennis are just good friends.

Following Haley’s passing, Dennis Rodman posted a short, but very heart-warming farewell message to Haley, who was indeed his friend.

“It’s with a very heavy heart that I must bid farewell to one of my best friends, teammate, wingman…Jack Haley,” Rodman’s message said. “He fought against his ailment just as hard as he fought on and off the court.”

“There are some people that come into our lives that just can’t be replaced. Jack Haley is that dude. I Love you, Bro. I’ll never forget you, my brother,” Rodman wrote on his Facebook page.

Hearing such words from someone like Dennis Rodman, means Haley was indeed his true friend.

The Hall of fame rebounding specialist also posted a photo of him and Haley:

Haley played 9 years in the NBA, for Chicago Bulls, New Jersey Nets, LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs. Haley averaged career-best 5.6 ppg, 4.6 rpg in 1990-91 for New Jersey. He sat out the entire 1992-93 season because of injury.

Haley was on the record-setting 1995-96 Chicago Bulls team, that won 72 regular season games and went on to capture the NBA title that year. During his NBA career, Haley played in 341 games (starting in 54), averaging 3.5 ppg, 2.7 rpg in 9.6 mpg.


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