Dennis Rodman pays respects to late great David Bowie

rodman-lookFormer NBA player Dennis Rodman didn’t stay quiet and paid his respects to the late great David Bowie, who passed away at age 69.

One of the most popular music icons, Bowie, died after an 18-month battle with cancer, his publicist Steve Martin told CNN.

Bowie’s death has been the regular subject of Internet hoaxes for the last couple of years. When the real news was confirmed, it was a shock to everyone.

Throughout his career, Bowie sold an estimated 140 million albums. In the UK, he was awarded 9 Platinum, 11 Gold and 8 Silver albums, and in the United States, 5 Platinum and 7 Gold.

“We lost an Amazing Icon today, a Genius, an ever changing Chameleon who was always reinventing himself,” Dennis Rodman’s message on Facebook said.

“He left us with over four decades worth of Incredible Music & his Legacy,” said Rodman. “He’s been an Inspiration to many. He will be missed. RIP David Bowie – Soaring High Amongst the Stars.”


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