Dwyane Wade admits he stole “pump fake” from ex-NBA guard Sam Cassell

Sam CassellDwyane Wade’s old trick is the pump fake on a jump shot, and he’s been fooling young defenders with it for over a decade now.

But Wade didn’t come up with the pump fake on his own. Wade readily admits that he picked it up in college from Sam Cassell, former All-Star point guard and current Washington Wizards assistant coach.

While Wade played at Marquette University in college, he’d watch Cassell play for the nearby Milwaukee Bucks.

The first time Wade saw Cassell use a pump fake on a jump shot, Wade was immediately hooked.

”I was like, ‘Ooh, I like that,’” Wade recalled.  Rest assured, Cassell won’t let Wade forget where he got it.

“Everytime we play Washington,” Wade laughed,” Sam Cassell gives me an earful because I stole it from him.”

Sam Cassell spent 15 years in the NBA, and has been elected to the 2004 NBA All-Star game.

Cassell played in 993 NBA games (690 started), averaging 15.7 ppg, 6.0 apg and 3.2 rpg in 30 minutes of playing time.


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