Ex-Knick Anthony Mason holding on, improving slowly

anthony-mason-sidelinesFormer NBA powerman Anthony Mason is still in critical condition, but is slowly improving, according to one of his sons, NY Post reported.

Mason underwent multiple surgeries following a heart attack earlier this month. Luckily, former NBA star was close to the emergency room and was treated right away, which saved his life.

“I actually spoke to him…,” said Mason’s son, Antoine Mason. “He can’t talk yet, but he can hear things and respond by blinking and shaking his head and things like that. When I talked to him, my mom and him, they’re telling me he’s getting better.”

“You don’t ever want to see any family member or any friend, nobody like that. As long as he gets out of there healthy, which I can’t wait for, I’ll be happy.”

Mason is expected to need an additional surgery, but will only do so once his strength increases, according to longtime NBA reporter Peter Vecsey.

Vecsey said Mason is suffering from congestive heart failure and had a heart attack in early February. He has undergone four surgeries.

Earlier, Mason’s former agent and family friend Don Cronson said that he was told Mason had another good night and is holding his own.

Mason played high school basketball in the New York City, attended the Tennessee State University, then basketball minor leagues, before coming into the NBA.

The 6-foot-7 defensive stalwart spent 13 seasons in the NBA with the New Jersey Nets, Denver Nuggets, NY Knicks, Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks.

Mason won the Sixth Man of the Year for the 1994-95 Knicks, coached by Pat Riley. The 1993-94 team lost in the finals to the Houston Rockets.

Mason played in 882 NBA games (started in 559), for New Jersey Nets, Denver Nuggets, NY Knicks, Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks. Mason averaged career high 16.2 ppg, 5.7 apg and 11.4 rpg for Hornets during the 1996-97 season. He was named NBA All-Star in 2001.


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