Ex-NBA center James Donaldson visits schools in China earthquake area

james-donaldsonFormer NBA All Star, Humanitarian, entrepreneur and author, James Donaldson made a recent visit to several schools in the earthquake stricken areas in the Sichuan province of China, POPSspot reported.

Donaldson, who spends a great deal of time in China working with The China Service Centre for Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries Studying Abroad Department, informing and encouraging students about study abroad programs, visited 3 schools in the city of Mianyang.

“The students and people of Mianyang are doing well, but they have many friends and relatives in the nearby cities and villages they are very concerned about because of the earthquake” said Donaldson.

Former NBA All-Star visited classrooms, watched playground basketball and lifted dozens of primary students high in the air to squeals of delight and tears of joy.

“I just love these kids, and bringing a smile to their faces.  Many of them had stories of being worried about their friends and families, and this earthquake brought back memories of the much larger quake, in the same region,  of just a few years ago… so there is much anxiety as you can imagine,” Donaldson noted.

“We’ll be conducting basketball camps featuring the former NBA players and members of the Professional Basketball Alumni Association (PBAA) this summer in the area, because I want to contribute something back to the area and create happy memories for the young people,” he said.

“They are just so crazy about anything professional basketball here in China, so let’s bring joy and happiness through basketball, and have some of the former NBA guys come to China while we’re at it… it’ll be a great Win – Win for all,” Donaldson added.

The former NBA player is an active member with the Professional Basketball Alumni Association and continues to be very involved with mentoring, educational and sports development programs both here in China and in the US.

Donaldson played in 957 NBA games, and was chosen for the 1988 NBA All-Star team. He holds career averages of 8.6 ppg, 7.8 rpg and 1.3 bpg.

During the 1984-85 NBA season, Donaldson led the NBA with a 63 percent field goal percentage. He holds career average of 57 percent of shooting from the field.


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