Ex-NBA Cuttino Mobley: I accomplished a lot with the Clippers

cuttino-mobleyFormer NBA swing-man Cuttino Mobley was a prolific scorer in the league for 10 successful seasons. Having been fortunate enough to play side by side with some of the game’s greatest players, such as Steve Francis and Yao Ming with the Houston Rockets, Mobley has since moved on to join the PBAA.

In November, he met with the PBAA’s Manager of Communications, Maya Monroe to briefly discuss life after basketball and his experiences, ProBasketball Alumni reported.

“My career in Houston has always been special to me based on the fact that it is where I started my career and it shaped the course of my time in the NBA,” Mobley said.

“But, I accomplished a lot with the Clippers, when I was traded there with Sam Cassell,” he added.

Speaking of his future projects, Mobley seems to have been going further from basketball, while other former NBA player become coaches, analysts, and so on.

“Through my venture capitalist company I have become very involved in helping developing countries develop their infrastructure and natural resources,” he noted.

Mobley said he still trains on a regular basis, keeping himself in shape.

” am definitely an athletic person, I love to run and workout, it is important to me to keep my body in shape. I guess people would be surprised to know that in recent years I have become an avid snowboarder, I really enjoy the sport and the challenges of it,” he added.

Mobley also revealed that the meaning of his name is Sicilian meaning “athletic gift to God”.

As an NBA player, Mobley appeared in 747 NBA games (581 started), averagin 16 ppg in 37 minutes of playing time. He spent his first 6 seasons with the Houston Rockets, averaging a career high 21.7 ppg for the team in 2001-2002.

He spent his last 4 years with the LA Clippers.

Mobley averaged double-figures in scoring in all of his seasons, except his rookie season.


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