Ex-NBA forward fired from Philippine Basketball league for drunkenness

walter-sharpeJust a week after former New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets player Renaldo Balkman was banned from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), another NBA cager was fired for being drunk and sleeping on a parking lot, DigitalJournal reported.

The PBA is the second oldest professional basketball league, next only to the NBA.

Walter Sharpe, who had short stints with the Seattle SuperSonics, Detroit Pistons, and the Denver Nuggets, was ordered dismissed from his PBA team, the GlobalPort Batang Pier, for violating the rule that a professional player should be a good role model for the youth.

Globalport owner Mikee Romero ordered the dismissal Tuesday after he was photographed drunk and sleeping on a parking lot near the place where he was staying.

“[He] should have been more responsible for his actions,” Romero said. “Based on what I saw, I recommended to the management and coaching staff the termination of Sharpe’s services effective immediately for conduct unbecoming of a professional basketball player.”

With the dismissal, the GlobalPort Batang Pier, which totes a dismal 2-7 score, will be playing without an import and will field an all-Filipino team in their next encounter.

During his college years as an athlete, Sharpe was diagnosed by doctors at the University of Alabama at Birmingham as being afflicted with narcolepsy, and was also declared academically ineligible for the spring semester of the 2007–08 season

Narcolepsy, the Wikipedia defines, “is a chronic neurological disorder caused by the brain’s inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally,” and individuals affected by this sickness “often experience disturbed nocturnal sleep and an abnormal daytime sleep pattern.”

Sharpe’s off-court misdemeanor qualifies him in the list of import cagers who were banned, suspended, or removed from the Filipino league.

A week ago, Balkman was banned for “prolonged, offensive, belligerent if not aberrant on-court decorum.”

In 1987, Purefoods Hotdogs Reinforced Conference import Dexter Shouse was banned for signing a contract to play in the NBA on a crucial last playing date of the semifinals, while in 1998, Jojo English, a German-born NBA cager who played three seasons with the Chicago Bulls, was barred from returning to the PBA for reneging on a contractual obligation with Sta. Lucia Realty.

On September 26, 1991 Andrew Moten, an import of the San Miguel Beer, was banned after a series of incidents in an SMB game played against Alaska.

The other imports banned for life by the Philippine league were Derrick Hamilton (Pepsi), Ronnie Thompkins (Swift), and Kelvin Upshaw (Shell), who were sacked for illegal drugs.


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