Ex-NBA forward on what today’s NBA players don’t have

major-jonesThe game of basketball sure has changed through the years, starting from the early days of Bob Cousy and Wilt Chamberlain, to the Julius Erving’s 70’s, the Magic-Bird rivalry of the 80’s, the Jordan-era of the 90’s and so on.

Today’s game is played differently, and many former NBA players agree with that.

One is Major Jones, former forward, who spent six seasons playing in the league.

Jones says the today’s players overlook some important aspects of the game, which need to be developed.

“One piece of advise that I would give to the upcoming guys is to work hard,” he said. “Work hard, not on your basic skills, not necessarily trying to shoot a 3-pointer, or do the amazing dunk, but the mid-range jumper, ball handling, and learn as much about basketball as you can.”

“If anybody you come in contact with, picked their brains to try to make themselves better, that’s what we are missing today,” Jones said.

He believes, the NBA players of today don’t have of mid-range game or the basics to achieve what they need to achieve.

Major Jones played 6 seasons in the NBA, 5 of them for the Houston Rockets. He averaged career high 5.7 ppg and 4.4 rpg for the team in 1982-83 season. Jones appeared in total of 374 NBA games, and holds career averages of 4.4 ppg, 3.5 rpg in 13.5 mpg.


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