Ex-NBA guard Chris Quinn says he’s ready for one more NBA run

chris-quinnChris Quinn is finding success while playing point guard for the Tulsa 66ers in the NBA D-League. Quinn, who played five seasons in the NBA, has efficiently guided Tulsa to a 4-game winning streak, and a 10-4 record in their last 14 games.

Quinn’s savvy play has excelled during the last month, and the 29-year-old claims that he is ready for another shot in the NBA.

Quinn spoke with RidiculousUpside.com, and discussed the reasons for his team’s recent hot streak. “We are playing more together as a team, moving the ball, and getting important stops on the defensive end. Those have been the real factors as to why we have had success.”

Quinn played three seasons with the Miami Heat from 2006-2009 after going undrafted in the 2006 NBA Draft. In his senior year at Notre Dame, Quinn averaged 17.6 points, 3.7 rebounds and 6.4 assists.

After his senior year, he signed a partially guaranteed contract with Miami, and participated in the Orlando Summer League. Quinn’s first ever NBA start would come later that season, by filling in for a suspended Gary Payton, and scored 14 points. Quinn managed to play in 168 total games with Miami, and would later go on to play for both the Nets and Spurs.

Quinn played in total of 234 NBA games (26 started), averaging 4.6 ppg. He had his best season with Miami in 2007-08, averaging 7.8 ppg for the team.

After playing overseas for two different teams, Quinn is back on American soil and enjoying his time in the NBA D-League. However, Quinn had nothing but great things to say about his time over in Europe. Quinn played in Russia and Spain after his time in San Antonio.

Often times players decide that Europe is perhaps a better fit for them personally and financially, as opposed to getting quicker recognition in the NBA D-League, but at the expense of receiving a much lower salary.

Quinn described both of his experiences abroad, and his current stint in the NBA D-League as positive.

He added, “both (Europe and the NBA D-League) have their pluses and minuses. Russia and Spain were incredible experiences, and the D-League has been wonderful. I’m blessed to be able to experience a lot of different things because of basketball. I feel very fortunate to be able to use basketball in order to gain the memorable life experiences that I have had. My time in Tulsa has been great.”

In addition to Quinn’s NBA experience and international experience, the 66ers are perhaps anchored by another NBA veteran, Rasual Butler. Butler brings 10-years of NBA experience with him to the team, and Quinn spoke highly of the mix between experienced players and young guys on the 66ers.

“Playing with Rasual is tremendous, he is a 10-year guy and we also have Andy (Rautins) who played in the NBA. We try to help out the young guys.Those particular guys on our team have had a tendency to pick up things fast, it’s been fun. In the last month especially, our young guys have been really stepping up and mixing in nicely,” Quinn said.

Butler, along with the aforementioned Rautins and Dominque Sutton, have all benefited from Quinn’s near flawless point guard play. Butler is averaging 17.9 points, and 4.9 rebounds since joining the team in mid-January.

This season with the 66ers, Quinn is averaging 13.6 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 6.4 assists in 32.2 minutes. During Tulsa’s 4-game winning streak, Quinn has dished out 31 assists and turned it over only 4 times.

Quinn can be a valuable asset for NBA teams looking to add a veteran point guard, who can pass the ball, yet commit very few turnovers in the process.

Quinn himself feels ready for another crack at the NBA, and after being asked if his game is currently at the NBA-level, he said “Definitely! I’m in game shape because I’m playing a lot here. My skills are at a high-level, and I feel that playing in the D-League resembles the game play of the NBA. I feel like I could contribute for sure.”

As the 66ers press on with their season, Quinn’s undeniable contributions to the team will only increase.

His veteran leadership skills, matched with his precision passing abilities and high percentage shooting, have enabled Quinn to become one of the top point guards in the NBA D-League.


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