Ex-NBA PF/C Victor Alexander: Alumnis could play in 3 on 3 tournaments

victor-alexanderVictor Alexander will forever be remembered as one of the top low-blocking scorers in Iowa State history.

After being drafted in the first round with the 17th overall pick in the 1991 NBA Draft , Alexander spent 5 years in the NBA with stints in Golden State and Detroit.

Alexander spent his first 4 seasons with Golden State, averaging career high 11.2 ppg and 5.8 rpg for the team in 92-93.

Appearing in 286 NBA games (155 started), Alexander holds career averages of 8.9 ppg, 4.8 rpg in 20.1 minutes of action.

Recently, the Professional Basketball Alumni Association’s (PBAA) Manager of Communications, Maya Monroe, caught up with Alexander to talk about his involvement with the PBAA and the opportunities that come with it.


Q: How did you become involved with the PBAA?

I have a couple of friends here in Atlanta, who are also former players that talked with me constantly about their experiences with the PBAA. Knowing the opportunities Charles Smith (Chairman/CEO) was providing for Alumni and the other people who were involved, many of whom were people I admired as players, but respected as elders, made it a no brainer for me. Thus far, my participation with the PBAA and especially Alumni tours has been a positive experience for both my family and I.

Q: What types of opportunities would you like to see in the future for former players/Alumni?

The number one thing is jobs. Alumni could be a valuable asset to the league and individual clubs if given the opportunity. Guys who played in the league have the unique advantage of knowing the ins and outs of the NBA. Alumni have a keen eye for identifying talent, developing talent and work ethic (what it takes to make it as a player).

Aside from coaching, areas like scouting and other positions within organizations is something I wish to see more of in the future.

 Q: Do you feel that it is important for Alumni such as yourself to assist the PBAA in exploring opportunities for former players?

As much as the PBAA aims to provide opportunities for Alumni, I feel that it is also important for Alumni to bring things to the table as well. I know that there are many of us (Alumni), who are still in great shape and like to play. One thought would be the popularity of 3 on 3 tournaments.

Over the past few summers I have seen my nephews participate in several these tournaments and year after year, I’ve watched them grow extensively. I believe it is a great business opportunity for the PBAA to look into and by extension all Alumni.

Q: The PBAA has made great strides in its business endeavors in Asia. What are your thoughts on the growth and development of the game of basketball in this region?

Prior to my last trip to Asia with the PBAA Alumni Tours, the last time I’d been to the region was in 2006, even then you could see the enthusiasm of the fans, the desire of the Chinese Basketball Association and sports enthusiasts, in general, to soak up the game.

Since that time it has just exploded, Alumni are important representatives of the game, who better to teach them and help hasten the development of leagues, club and players.


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