Ex-NBA players bash Blake Griffin for being soft


Often NBA players are being labeled soft, for not playing hard enough and not getting back at those, who try to take them out of their game on the court. The LA Clippers star Blake Griffin seems to be one such player with a “soft” label on him.

At least, that’s what former NBA players Richard “Rip” Hamilton and Raja Bell believe. Both appeared in the CBS Sports NBA show dubbed “NBA Crossover”, where they spoke on the subject.

Hamilton said many feel the Clippers forward is soft, while Raja Bell spoke on Griffin openly.

“Blake [Griffin] is soft. Period. Blake Griffin is soft. Like the soft serve. You could put a chocolate coating on top and it gets even softer underneath,” Bell said.

“I say that because…there is too much evidence of him getting pushed around and, instead of taking care of his business like you know you need to, crying to the referees and making faces and ‘They’re trying to hurt me’ and this and that. Listen, brother, if people are coming after you, then get back at one of them. That’s what you do in the league. That’s how you establish that you will not be treated like that from night to night,” Bell said.

Former NBA star said Griffin doesn’t stand up for himself, “which makes it even more comical when he hits a damn trainer or equipment man or something like that. Come on, brother.”

Bell played 12 seasons in the NBA, for Philadelphia Sixers, Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors. In total, Bell played in 706 NBA games (started in 479), holding career averages of 9.9 ppg, 2.8 rpg and 28.1 mpg.

Hamilton played 14 seasons in the NBA, for Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. A 3-time all-star, Hamilton helped the Detroit Pistons win an NBA title in 2004. He played in a total of 921 games (783 started), averaging 17.1 ppg in 32.1 mpg.


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