Ex-NBA Star, Hall Of Famer Adrian Dantley now works guarding schoolchildren – VIDEO

adrian-dantleyFormer NBA star Adrian Dantley spent years guarding opponents on the court. Now he’s guarding schoolchildren as they cross the street, according to Huffington Post.

Radio station WTOP reports that Dantley, a hall-of-famer and former star for the Utah Jazz and Detroit Pistons, started working as a crossing guard in September.

He works an hour a day at Eastern Middle School and New Hampshire Estates Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md.

Ths 6-foot-5 Dantley grew up in the area and says he took the job for the health care benefits and to have something to do.

Montgomery County civil service records show he gets paid $14,685.50 a year.

Dantley says he doesn’t need the money, adding that he enjoys giving the young children high fives and encouragement.

Dantley played in 6 NBA All-Star games, and was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 2008. He averaged over 30 points per game four times in his career, twice leading the league in scoring.

Dantley holds career averages of 24.3 ppg, 5.7 rpg and 3 apg in 35.8 minutes of playing time, appearing in 955 NBA games.



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