Ex-NBA star Kenny Anderson: Westbrook most athletic guard NBA will ever see

kenny_anderson_talkFormer NBA star guard Kenny Anderson has made a statement regarding Russell Westbrook, that the latter can surely be proud of.

“I think Russell Westbrook is the most athletic point guard the NBA will ever see,” Anderson said in a blogpost. “I watched him at UCLA and he was a defensive point guard. He had to learn on the job in Oklahoma City about how to become an offensive point guard.”

“In their current situation, OKC don’t have a scorer that can fill it up like him, so he has to play that way,” Anderson said. “The point guards today are so explosive and athletic.”

He further wrote that his favorite guard is Derrick Rose, but “he’s injury prone”.

“If I had to take a point guard to start a team, I would take Chris Paul. CP3 does about everything – he can assist, he knows when to take a game over, and when to score,” Anderson said.

“For years, Chris Paul was the top point guard, but I think this year Stephen Curry, John Wall, and Kyle Lowry are closing the gap. Those three guards are playing extremely well,” he wrote.

Anderson also recalled his own career, how he had to adapt and change his playing style from his college days to his NBA career.

“Point guards have to adapt to each situation, including the type of team they are drafted to,” he said. “When I was in college at Georgia Tech, I was a scoring point guard. But when I got to the NBA and played with different teams, I had to adjust and be a pass-first point guard, defense, and become an extension of the coach on the floor. It is about adaption to the team, the players, and the coach you play for.”

A 1994 NBA All-Star, Anderson was inducted into the New York City Basketball Hall of Fame along with NBA stars Sam Perkins and Rod Strickland. Anderson spent 14 years in the NBA, appearing in 858 games (693 started), averaging 12.6 ppg, 6.1 apg in 30.1 minutes of playing time.


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