Ex-NBA stars go off on LaVar Ball, warn him

LaVar Ball, the father of Lonzo Ball, who is entering the NBA, has made quite an impression all over the news for his comments and actions.

His idea to establish a sneaker/apparel empire with the “Big Baller” brand has triggered a lot of response, including from former NBA players as well.

“There’s a part of me that’s happy (LaVar) is out there being a Dad and helping his son. The other part of me is just like, ‘shut up.’ Let everything (Lonzo) does on the court speak for everything off the court,” said former NBA big man and Players Association president Antonio Davis, now an ESPN analyst.

“I got to thinking, man he’s crazy like a fox. He’s getting all this attention for his son. He’s building this platform for his son to now step in and do something. But then once it was built, he did nothing. He was still flapping his mouth. I was like, OK, he’s an idiot. I was waiting for him, once he had everybody’s attention, to say something that meant something or to help his son in some kind of way I didn’t see coming,” said Davis, USA Today reported.

Another former NBA player Sam Perkins believes LaVar is pushing it all too fast.

““First of all, he’s not even drafted yet. (LaVar) is giving him this pressure before he’s even done anything. If you look at his last (college) game against Kentucky, guys took it to him (De’Aaron Fox scored 39 points against Ball and UCLA). Just imagine when he gets to the league. Guys aren’t just gonna go at him, they’re gonna go at him,” said Perkins.

And make no mistake, LaVar and Lonzo Ball are being talked about — largely in the media and trending on social media regularly, too. Except Lonzo’s humble personality is exactly the opposite of LaVar’s.

Los Angeles Lakers personnel — Magic Johnson, mainly — has dismissed the notion that LaVar’s larger-than-life shenanigans will affect the drafting selection process.


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