Ex-NBA tryout to run for Maricopa City Council

nick-sheppard-suitedFormer NBA tryout Nick Sheppard is hoping to take his game from the court and classroom to city hall. Sheppard, a teacher and coach who moved to Maricopa 2012, is preparing to run for the Maricopa City Council position.

Sheppard’s statement said he’s running for the dignity of the office, “while working for the people and youth of this city to bring the resources needed to have a great city to live in.”

Answering the question about what differentiates him from his opponents, Sheppard noted his “attention to details, ability to work under pressure and still perform, willingness to ask the tough question, a team player that can lead by example”.

Sheppard, who’s favorite NBA team is LA Lakers, said that he likes to lead by example, and has an ability to “be a problem solver while thinking critically through an issue.”

The 6’11 Sheppard went undrafted in the 2000 NBA Draft, landing a spot on the Utah Jazz. He then had tryouts for Toronto Raptors, LA Lakers and Phoenix Suns, without actually playing in an official NBA game.

Sheppard went on to continue his basketball career in Italy, Germany, China, & Turkey.

Sheppard helped open a Academy for youth in Dominica Republic, and worked personally with the president of Dominica in 2012.

He’s currently Vice President of TPA HOOPS, Vice President of NBRPA LEGENDS of Basketball Phoenix Chapter, educator & teacher at Sequoia Pathways Charter school.


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