Ex-NBAer David Thompson talks about rise to fame and fall to drugs, alcohol

david-thompsonGardner-Webb University’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) recently hosted Fields of Faith on October 8. Fields of Faith is a nationwide outreach event that gathers in athletic fields around the country to refocus on faith.

Former NBA All-Star David Thompson attended the event as a guest speaker, GWU-Today reported.

He spoke about the time he was working hard to become the best basketball player he could be.

Thompson said that at the time, his junior year in high school, colleges were recruiting him, wanting him to play basketball for them.

“It was on one of these recruiting trips to the University of South Carolina that I first made the wrong choice – I was first introduced to alcohol,” Thompson recalled.

Former NBA scorer talked about his rise to fame and sharp fall due to drug abuse and alcohol. Thompson even ended up in jail. Later, he finally found Christ, and has been sober for over 25 years.

Thompson’s story caused great interest among the attendees.

David Thompson played one season in ABA with the Denver Nuggets, before he was drafted in the NBA. He went on to play his next six seasons with the Nuggets in the NBA, with two more seasons in Seattle.

Thompson averaged career high 25.9 ppg in the NBA, and holds career NBA average of 22.1 ppg in 509 games. He was also a 5-time NBA All-Star.


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