Ex-player, coach Tyrone Corbin not expected for extension with Utah Jazz

tyrone-corbinFormer NBA player ,Utah Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin, who has a 87-89 record with the team, is not expected to sign with Jazz for the upcoming season.

“I told the guys last year, ‘Play your game and be as good as you can be,’ ” the Jazz head coach said last week. ” ‘Whether you’re here or somewhere else, the best you can do is represent yourself.’ ”

Before the training camp opening on Monday, Corbin has been presented with yet another set of objectives: this time developing a promising, but untested, young core with unknown quantities on the bench and his general manager asking earlier this summer that the team not be judged on wins and losses, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey said last week that Corbin has “performed really well under these circumstances,” but declined to comment on anything related to his contract status.

Corbin’s agent, Los Angeles-based Steve Kauffman, said the sides have not begun negotiating an extension.

“I don’t expect anything to be done,” said Kauffman, whose other clients include Jeff Hornacek and Monty Williams.

Kauffman said he would prefer for Corbin to sign a longer-term deal after the season.

In an NBA where knee-jerk coaching reactions are the norm — the Lakers fired Mike Brown five games into last season, after all — this isn’t necessarily a bad sign for Corbin, said Jeff Van Gundy.

Van Gundy coached the Houston Rockets when Dennis Lindsey was a young executive in the front office. Now a television analyst for ESPN, Van Gundy said Corbin’s circumstances would “be excruciatingly hard” in most instances, but the Jazz’s history of “never blaming the coach” bodes well for Corbin.

Corbin played 16 seasons in the NBA, averaging career-high 18.0 ppg for Minnesota Timberwolves in 1990-91 season.

Corbin played a total of 1065 NBA games (458 started), averaging 9.2 ppg in 26 minutes on the court.


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