Ex-player, NBA TV analyst Steve Smith: I’m working on real estate projects

steve-smith-nbatvHoopCulture recently spoke to NBA TV analyst, ex-NBA player Steve Smith, and asked him a few questions regarding his career, and current state of the NBA.

Smith in particular spoke of his favorite NBA moment, naming a couple of those.

“The day I was drafted – that day is probably my favorite moment. Also being selected as an All-Star in 1998, winning a gold medal and winning an NBA Championship,” Smith said.

Further on, Smith was asked to name the hardest working player he has met in the NBA. Smith said he had two of them.

“Kevin Willis and Dikembe Mutombo, their track records speak for themselves,” Smith noted. “Kevin played 21 years in the league; Mtumbo played 18. When they retired, I think both guys still could have played a couple of more seasons.”

Speaking of the best coaches, Smith named Lenny Wilkens, who coached him with Atlanta Hawks.

Smith also said that he’s currently working on several real estate projects, and might soon be teaching a class at Michigan State. He didn’t reveal any additional details.

“People probably wouldn’t know that I take yoga and Pilates and even play chess and bocce ball,” Smith added.

Speaking of young athletes, Smith noted a few important points that players should consider.

“Understand that it takes hard work and when you think you are working hard, work harder than that,” Smith said. “Learn your craft, on the court or off the court inside and out.”

“Find as many as mentors that you can that have been in the business that have done it on the right level and at the highest level,” he added.

If you ever wondered what was the best advice Steve Smith was given in his life – he spoke about that as well.

“My dad’s best advice was, whatever you choose in life make sure you can work just as hard and even harder as the people to your left and right,” Smith said.

“My basketball coach’s advice was to respect everyone (as far as basketball) understand whatever they accomplish, you can accomplish the same, and my mom’s advice was “K.I.S.S.” or Keep it Simple Steve…,” he added.

Smith also named Miami Heat as his current favorite team to watch, and as for players, he named Kevin Durant.

Smith was drafted by the Miami Heat in the first round (5th pick, 5th overall) of the 1991 NBA Draft.

Throughout his career, Smith played for Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Portland TrailBlazers,San Antonio Spurs and Charlotte Bobcats.

Smith won the NBA championship in 2003 with San Antonio, and for career appeared in 942 NBA games (717 started), averaging 14.3 ppg in 30.6 minutes of playing time.


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