Former NBA Champ Rick Fox excited about promoting The Bahamas – PHOTOS

Rick FoxThe Bahamas, and Grand Bahama Island, in particular, did not lack representation or the opportunity to boast the many benefits, of investing here.

Bahamian actor, producer and retired NBA star, Rick Fox took up the mantle and joined team Bahamas at the American Lodging & Investment Summit (ALIS), held in Los Angeles, CA, last week, Bahamas  Weekly reported.

The 6 member delegation, included the Minister of State for Investments, The Hon. Khaalis Rolle; Director of Investments, Mrs. Joy Jibrilu; Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ms. Julie Campbell; President of The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA), Mr. Ian Rolle; President and CEO of The Grand Bahama Development Company, Mr. Graham Torode, and Mrs. Ginger Moxey, GBPA Vice President.

Obviously, very intimate and knowledgeable regarding his country, Fox spared neither words nor efforts in touting the wonderful investment climate of The Bahamas.

“Having Rick at our booth, drew an amazing crowd,” shared GBPA VP, Ginger Moxey. “But it was equally as impressive, to watch him holding in-depth conversations with business executives regarding the benefits of investing in our country, and introducing us to his business associates to discuss some very interesting projects for The Bahamas, and Grand Bahama Island, in particular. He is very much aware of the country’s push for international investment and the areas of opportunity,” she stated.

“Rick is a true ambassador for our country and he’s passionate about seeing the country continue to thrive.”

Fox won three NBA titles with the Los Angeles Lakers (2000, 2001, 2002). During his career, Fox played 6 years for Boston Celtics and 7 years for LA Lakers.

He averaged double figures in 4 of his NBA seasons. Fox reached a career average of 15.4 ppg in 96-97 for Boston.

He holds career averages of 9.6 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 2.8 apg, and 25.5 mpg in 930 NBA games (586 started).

In commenting on his excitement about promoting The Bahamas for international investment, Fox shared, “It’s been a tremendous week standing alongside fellow Bahamians who share my passion for The Bahamas and vision for its future.”

The Summit is one of the largest hotel investment conference in the world, attracting more than 2000 major investment firms, hedge fund managers, hotel operators, and financiers.

Minister of State for Investments, The Hon. Khaalis Rolle, a presenter during the Summit, spoke specifically to investment opportunities within the country, with significant emphasis on Grand Bahama Island.

Ian Rolle, GBPA President noted that the Summit proved successful, creating a number of contacts with great interest for Grand Bahama.

“Not only did we have lots of opportunity to speak with the decision-makers in the lodging sector, but we were also able to share what Grand Bahama has to offer in niche areas,” Rolle commented.

“Our newly launched investment promotion package, which most persons found very impressive, was the centre of attention,” he noted.

“But, having Rick Fox as a great promoter of The Bahamas, made a truly significant impact on this business development initiative. He really drew the crowd, and we all worked every opportunity as it was presented,” explained Rolle.

“This was a well driven, concerted effort by BIA and GBPA, and I think the returns from this event will be far-reaching for our country.”


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