Former NBA champion buys new home, gets accused of his sister threaten his ex-gf

Former center, retired NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal is getting ready to head to court, to fight a lawsuit.

O’Neal is accused of having his sister make threatening phone calls to his ex-girlfriend, telling her to “watch her back.”

According to Radaronline, Vanessa Lopez slapped Shaq with a lawsuit this past July in Orange County, Florida, claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault.

Lopez says the retired NBA center started harassing her shortly after she told him she thought she was pregnant.

Lopez said that after O’Neal initially accused her of cheating on him, she broke off their relationship.

Afterward, according to Lopez, Shaq began to threaten her. Shaq attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed, but his motion was denied.

In court documents, Lopez said “Shaquille O’Neal arranged for his sister, Ayesha Harrison, to call and threaten me. She told me to watch my back because they know where I live and said they would disseminate lies about me on the Internet.”

Lopez asserts that she now lives in fear and has concern for her own safety.

“I now have extreme anxiety because of Shaquille O’Neal’s campaign to intimidate and silence me,” she said.

Her attorneys, Gloria Allred and Nathan Goldberg, are asking that the trial, which is set for March 25, 2013, be televised. Both O’Neal and Lopez are expected to testify.

Shaq’s mood has probably been ruined with this lawsuit, as just a couple of days prior to it, former Lakers center bought a small modest five-bedroom home in Mount Dora, Florida for $235,000.

According to TMZ, O’Neal’s new small home has five bedrooms, four baths, granite counter tops, wet bar, entertainment room, and cherry cabinets.

It’s unclear whether his purchase was a gift for someone near and dear to the athlete or just a real estate investment.

The 40-year-old NBA legend already owns a lakeside $250 million resort – 30 miles away – in Isleworth just outside Orlando.

The 70,000-square-foot mansion is the same property featured on a 2006 episode of MTV’s Cribs, and it’s home to Shaquille and his girlfriend reality TV star Nikki ‘Hoopz’ Alexander.

It boasts 11 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a screening room, and an indoor 20,000-square-foot basketball court.


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