Former NBA guard Quincy Douby sets record in China, scores 75 points

quincy-doubyFormer NBA guard Quincy Douby set a record in the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) scoring 75 points in a win over the Shanxi Brave Dragons in only 36 minutes.

Douby set a mark with his Zhejiang Golden Bulls that could last for quite a while.

The mark is the highest in the CBA’s history, one that eclipses the 71-point record set by former Memphis Grizzlies guard Andre Emmett.

The Brave Dragons’ center, former D-League banger Charles Gaines, registered 60 points in the loss against ex-Bulls and Knicks eight-figure earner Eddy Curry.

75 points in a professional game is still 75 points – especially when you consider the fact that Tracy McGrady actually played solid NBA basketball season, and yet he’s experiencing significant struggles in the CBA.

In the NBA, Douby was not as lucky. He played in 143 NBA games, averaging 4.1 points in 10.7 minutes per game. He played for Sacramento Kings and Toronto Raptors.

According to (the first site to create a column out of Douby’s highlight reel), Quincy now holds CBA records for the most points in an All-Star game (44), a Finals contest (53), and now a regular season affair.

Here’s a video of Douby’s scoring 75 points:



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