Former NBA player Crittenton charged with domestic abuse

javaris_crittentonFormer NBA player and accused murderer Javaris Crittenton is now being accused of slapping the mother of his child in the face, while she was breastfeeding their 1-day-old child, TMZ reported.

Crittenton has temporarily been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Tyress Daniels and their newborn son, after she filed court docs outlining a pattern of domestic violence.

In the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Daniels claims Crittenton attacked her on three separate occasions. The first incident allegedly took place when she was pregnant and he roughed her up in a hotel room.

According to Daniels, the 2nd incident occurred at a hospital on Nov. 1, less than 24 hours after she gave birth to their son.

Daniels claims, “I was breastfeeding the baby and we got into an argument over what the baby would wear for pictures. Javaris hit me in the face while I was breastfeeding because he said I had a smart mouth.”

Daniels claims Javaris tried to grab the baby and leave … but hospital security rushed in and stopped him. He was eventually kicked out of the room.

According to the docs, Daniels claims Crittenton got rough with her a 3rd time on Nov. 26, scratching her face and busting her lip. She also claims Javaris later sent her a text message saying she would end up like her “dead mother” and he will have the child.

After Daniels filed the docs, a judge awarded temporary custody of the kid to Daniels, and set a hearing for next month, when the judge will decide if the restraining order will become more permanent.

It’s another major legal fight for the 24-year-old former Washington Wizards player … who’s facing a murder charge for the shooting death of a 22-year-old woman in 2011. Javaris has denied any wrongdoing in the murder case.

If February 2012, Crittenton was arrested for speeding, being pulled over, and refusing to get out of his Porsche.

The former Washington Wizards player was pulled over for going more than 60 mph in a 45-mph zone, said Riverdale police Maj. Greg Barney.

The former Georgia Tech star initially refused to get out of his “fairly new” black Porsche and refused to sign the speeding ticket, forcing the officer to call for backup, Barney said.

“He was very argumentative,” Barney said of Crittenton. “Initially, he just did not want to cooperate with the officer.”

Police have said the former first-round draft pick for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2007 was retaliating for being robbed of $55,000 in jewelry when the Aug. 19 shooting happened. He is accused of killing Jullian Jones, a 23-year-old mother of four, outside her house. A trial date for that charge has not been set.

Crittenton was with the Wizards in December 2009 when he and Arenas had a dispute over a card game. Two days later, Arenas brought four guns to the locker room and set them in front of Crittenton’s locker with a sign telling him to “PICK 1.” Crittenton then took out his own gun.

Crittenton pleaded guilty in January 2010 to a misdemeanor gun charge and received a year of unsupervised probation. Arenas entered a guilty plea on Jan. 15, 2010, and served a short time in a halfway house.

For most of his career, Crittenton played little with Los Angeles, the Memphis Grizzles and Washington. After the Wizards declined to re-sign him, he signed a non-guaranteed contract with Charlotte last year but eventually was waived.

He then played five games in China for the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions, averaging 25.8 points.

After the incident with Arenas, there wasn’t much demand in the NBA for Crittenton, who averaged 5.3 points and 1.8 assists during his four-year career. He also played for the NBA Development League’s Dakota Wizards, averaging 14.3 points in 20 games last year.


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