Former NBA player Lawrence Funderburke disappointed with Kings moving to Seattle

lawrence-funderburkeThis past Saturday in the Toyota Center, immediately before an entertaining night of dribbling, shooting and dunking, NBA commissioner David Stern addressed the reporters.

He spoke on a variety of pressing news items, with an important one standing well above the rest: the issue of whether the Sacramento Kings will soon be moving north to Seattle.

Former Sacramento Kings forward Lawrence Funderburke has recently said he was disappointed with this news.

“The franchise ment a lot to the people of Sacramento,” Funderburke said.

“One of the players that played with me, Scot Polard told me that had we won the NBA title with Sacramento, the team wouldn’t be moving to Seattle now,” Funderburke added.

Funderburke played 7 seasons in Sacramento, averaging career high 9.5 ppg as a rookie.

He holds career averages of 6.4 ppg and 3.6 rpg in 14.9 minutes of playing time. In total Funderburke played for Sacramento and Chicago Bulls, appearing in 318 NBA games, starting 7.


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