Former NBA scorer Derek Anderson – now a motivational speaker

derek-anderson-heatFormer NBA player Derek Anderson was on a working visit in mid August in Belize, during which he shared his life story both as a professional athlete, as well as an established businessman, with the Belizean public, Belize news channel 5 reported.

Anderson, who has also embarked upon a career as a motivational speaker, gave a stirring presentation to an audience of businessmen, enterprising women and at risk youth this afternoon at the Radisson.

It was the second of two public addresses being made to introduce Stamina, an autobiography of Anderson on his life journey.

Aside from speaking on his success as an entrepreneur, Anderson spoke at length about overcoming adversities during his adolescence.

“It has been a great trip. My whole point of coming was to bring people together – from what I’ve been through to where I’ve come and I’ve done a great deed by just coming and sharing my story for other people to get out of their situations. So I have had a great trip. I plan on coming back several times… It has been a blessing to come and share my life with other people who actually care about people. So I’m very blessed to be a part of Belize’s culture right now,” Anderson said.

Speaking about his transition from a professional athlete to businessman, Anderson said he was blessed to “have the knowledge to understand that I had to work hard.”

“So after basketball, I just continued to do what I did as working hard and excelling in anything that I tried. You are never too old to forgive people; you are never too hurt to love someone. And the toughest battles are given to the toughest people. Your resilient for a reason…there are single parents, their jobs are struggling, their children are going through ups and downs, but these strongest people will survive. And that is why we are going through what we are going though. It is a test and that test is to see how far we are willing to stick together. And now it is time for us to beat that test and stay together.”

Anderson played 11 seasons in the NBA, playing for Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Clippers, San Antonio Spurs, Portland TrailBlazers, Houston Rockets, Miami Heat and Charlotte Bobcats.

Anderson averaged double figures in scoring in his first 7 seasons in the league. He averaged career high 16.9 ppg for LA Clippers during the 99-00 season.

He appeared in total of 615 NBA games (390 started), averaging 12 ppg, 3.2 rpg and 3.4 apg in 29.2 minutes per game.


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