Former NBA star Stephon Marbury excited about upcoming Philippine trip

marburyFormer NBA all-star guard Stephon Marbury is excited for his visit to basketball-crazy Philippines later this month, hoping to share his knowledge with Filipino fans and promote basketball apparel designed to be made affordable for everyone, InterAKTV reported.

In an exclusive overseas call with InterAKTV, Marbury expressed his thrill about meeting some of the most passionate basketball fans in the world.

“I’m excited to be there,” said Marbury. “I’ve heard how fans are crazy about basketball in the Philippines. I can’t wait to be there.”

Marbury’s visit was arranged by agent Sheryl Reyes, who represents several NBA veterans who have played in the Philippines and in Asia.

He has spent the past several seasons with the Beijing Ducks in the Chinese Basketball Association.

“Coming to play to China was a great experience. It brought back memories of your roots when you’re starting to play basketball, how you value hard work and team work,” said Marbury.

“Playing in the NBA was a wonderful time as you play the best and talented players, but playing in the CBA gives you opportunity to look back and see how players use team work and relying on everyone’s skills to succeed.”

Marbury was a 2-time All-Star in the NBA, averaging 19.3 ppg, 7.6 apg in 846 career NBA games (816 started).

For Marbury, the China experience was just the beginning of his ultimate goal to make an impact all over Asia.

“My goal is to share, promote and impart my skills as a player all over Asia,” added Marbury. “I’ve seen a lot of talented players in the Asian level and I won’t be surprised to see influx of Asian players [to the NBA], including Filipinos.”

Marbury will visit Malaysia first before arriving in the Philippines on June 24.

The former NBA guard will promote his brand Starbury, a shoe line designed to be affordable.

“Growing up in the United States, my mom was having difficulty buying me a pair of shoes because of how expensive it was. So I decided to come up with this new shoe line made affordable to everyone,” he said.

“Instead of buying a pair of shoes worth $150, you can buy Starbury shoes at a more affordable price. You can now have a chance of getting not just a pair, but five pairs of shoes.”


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