What do former NBA stars think of Sim Bhullar?

sim-bhullar-kingsEven if 7’5, 360-pound Sim Bhullar will not become a superstar in the NBA, he has already become a part of  history.

Bhullar became the first player of Indian descent to score in an NBA game on April 8, 2015, when he a hook shot with 17.9 seconds left in the 4th quarter of the game.

Today it is not enough to be over 7 feet tall to succeed in the NBA, although the league did have extremely tall players. There were those who gained star status (7’5 Yao Ming, 7’5 Mark Eaton), those who became good role players (7’6 Shawn Bradley, 7’7 Gheorghe Muresan, 7’7 Manute Bol), and those who failed miserably (7’4 Priest Lauderdale).

Bhullar still has a lot to prove on the world’s biggest stage, and some former NBA players have already discussed what Bhullar’s career will be like.

Former NBA players Rick Fox and Richard “Rip” Hamilton have shared their opinions on what will Bhullar’s future in the NBA will be like.

“If he can move up and down the floor with any type of fluidity, close to the rim, we’ve seen what he can do,” Fox said on NBA TV. “He can block shots, he doesn’t have to jump to dunk.”

Hamilton has agreed that 7’5 Bhullar is 360 pounds, and seems to be agile for his size.

“This is one of those things when you see it and think this guy can play,” Hamilton said. “We really don’t know that yet, especially at the NBA level.”

“When he steps on the court, guys are going to challenge him each and every night, because they want to see if he can play, if it is just a look, is he soft, etc,” Hamilton said. “Guys will try to dunk on him. I am curious to see how he responds when he gets his first elbow from another big guy. ”

Rick Fox recalled some of the giants he had to play against during his NBA years, and said there’s a big difference between them and Sim Bhullar.

“There were couple of players I played against, like Shawn Bradley, Gheorghe Muresan, Manute Bol, they all had height, but none of those three guys had the size that this guy has,” Fox said. “So, if we take his power, body size and mass, he’s bigger than Shaq. That’s a start for any young man in this league, to be able at least physically take up space, control the paint the way he does.”

Bhullar joined other NBA players that were the first to join the league from their countries, like Earl Lloyd (first African-American player), Butch Lee (first Latin American player), Wang ZhiZhi (first Chinese Player), and Ha Seung-Jin (first Korean player).



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