Former NY Knicks star: Carmelo’s record may stand at for least 30 years

bernard-king-talkOn Jan. 24, New York’s Carmelo Anthony set a new record, both for himself and the NBA as well. Knicks’ forward dropped franchise-best 62 points on the Charlotte Bobcats.

Anthony’s scoring night caused a lot of talks, especially on Twitter, with players tweeting about it. One of the tweets was from a former NY Knick, who held the previous record, before Anthony broke it.

“I am very proud of Carmelo Anthony. I consider him to be one of the greatest players in our game,” reportedly said Bernard King, a retired NY Knicks legend, who previously held the record.

“If anyone was to break my Knicks record that I have held for so long, I’m absolutely delighted that it was Carmelo,” King said.

King scored 60 points in Madison Square Garden on Christmas night 1984, against the New Jersey Nets. Primarily working the left baseline and the low post, King peppered the Nets from 15 feet and in for 19 field goals in 30 attempts to go with 22 of 26 free throws made.

King was one of the more efficient 6-foot-7-inch scorers in history. At Golden State in 1980-81, he made a remarkable 58.8 percent of his shots, and he shot 51.8 percent for his career. In his 14 seasons in the NBA, a 4-time All-Star, Bernard King averaged 22.5 ppg and 5.8 rpg in 33.7 minutes per game.

“I saw the highlights, and one of my favorite moves he incorporated into his game. So in a very small way I contributed to helping him perform at the highest level. It’s wonderful and very special to me,’’ King told NY Post.

King, whom Anthony grew up idolizing, said his signature move was holding the ball well over his head in attack mode, causing the defenders to “freeze.’’ He saw Anthony do a lot of that.

“Records are meant to be broken,’’ King said. “And you get to watch a magical performance when it’s broken. It may stand at least 30 years.’’

King, who has gotten to know Anthony and attended his charity event in Puerto Rico last summer, said he has no inside knowledge regarding Anthony’s future. But King thinks Anthony should and will stay.

“He looks around and winning championships, that’s what he desires,’’ King said. “I don’t know if there’s any better place in the NBA than New York. To me, New York is the No. 1 place to play basketball, whether in the Garden or on the playground. I think that will have strong influence on Carmelo’s decision.

“The Garden is magical, like it was when he scored 62. It’s where every player would want to play. In my heart of hearts he’ll remain in New York, though I have no privy information.’’

Carmelo Anthony could’ve scored even more that night, considering he came out with 7:18 remaining in the Knicks 125-96 victory over the Bobcats.

Nonetheless, the record has been set, Anthony now has Knicks’ all-time single-game record with 62 points.

He also broke Kobe Bryant’s record for points scored (61) at the current Garden, which opened in 1968. It was the highest single-game total in the N.B.A. since 2007, when Bryant scored 65 against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Wilt Chamberlain scored 73 points as a San Francisco Warrior against the Knicks in the old Garden in November 1962.

Hours before he dropped 62 points at Madison Square Garden, Carmelo Anthony sat with his teammates in the locker room and watched a video interspersed with Knicks plays and inspirational words from Muhammad Ali.

“Hearing the words of Muhammad and then getting out there making those first couple shots, I felt like it was going to be a good night,” Anthony said.


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