Gary Payton loses spot among top scorers in NBA history


Up until recently, the Hall of Famer Gary Payton was among the top 30 NBA scorers of all time. In his 17 seasons in the NBA, Payton scored 21,813 points. Now, there’s someone else on his spot.

Payton was at #30, however recently another superstar surpassed him, moving Payton to the #31.

In a recent game against the Charlotte Hornets, Anthony drained a middle-range jumper to pass Payton, moving on to the 30th spot among the top NBA scorers in history.

Prior to that, on Jan. 20, Anthony passed legendary Larry Bird to become #31.

If Anthony remains healthy until the end of the regular season, he should be able to pass another retired NBA superstar – Clyde Drexler – to become #29 on the all-time scoring list.


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