Gary Payton to become special advisor at Milwaukee Bucks

gary-paytonFormer NBA guard, Hall of Famer Gary Payton will reportedly become a “special advisor” with the Milwaukee Bucks team.

Payton will reportedly become an advisor to Giannis Antetokounmpo – the Bucks’ 6’11 player, whom the team’s current head coach Jason Kidd plans to use as a point guard.

According to Kostas Koukousis from, Kidd is determined to make Antetokounmpo a point guard, and wants Payton’s help.

Payton was in Athens at an event held in the northern suburbs, and he revealed that he has agreed with the Bucks to assume the role of ‘special advisor’ for Giannis Antetokounmpo during the next NBA season.

“I’m going to go down there for the preseason and training camp and work with him a little bit on his point guard skills,” Payton said in Greece. “I think he’s going to be very successful if he gets point guard skills.”

Payton added that Antetokounmpo is young, raw, but talented and needs to work on a lot of things.

“Last year, when he was in Milwaukee, he was hurt a little bit and he didn’t get to play as much,” Payton said. “With a coach coming in like Jason, who is a point guard, I think he’s going to be very good, but he just needs a little guidance.”

“They’re a very young basketball team; they don’t have veterans that can teach him things, so he needs someone like myself of Jason to teach him the skills,” Payton noted.

Payton and power forward Shawn Kemp led the Seattle Supersonics to the NBA Finals in 1995-96, where they fell to the Chicago Bulls, who went on to win two more championships in 1996-97 and 1997-98. Payton stayed with the Sonics until Feb. 20, 2003, when he was traded to the Bucks and reunited with his former coach George Karl. During his 17-year NBA career, Payton established himself as one of the best defensive point guards of all-time.

He played 1335 games in the NBA (1233 started), averaging 16.3 points and 6.7 assists over the course of his career. He averaged over 20 points in seven of his 17 seasons, with his career-high average of 24.2 points coming in the 1999-2000 season.

The point guard reached three NBA Finals, appearing in one each for the Sonics, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat. Payton finally got that elusive first ring as a member of the 2005-06 Heat.


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