Glenn Robinson hints at “cage fight” between him and Stephen A. Smith

big-dog-glenn-robinsonStephen A. Smith, after having a beef with NBA player Kevin Durant, seems to have another another issue at hand, this time with former NBA star, Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson.

Smith recently went to on Sirius XM’s Karen Hunter Show and spoke about why him and Robinson don’t get along.

“I saw this man march lock step with what (former Milwaukee Bucks Coach) George Karl wanted to do … but Randy Ayers becomes the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers … you treated this man like trash, but you’ll come and talk to reporters about how brothers need to facilitate brothers being hired, but you had one and how’d you treat him?”

Robinson didn’t leave it be, and issued a rather strong response to Stephen A. Smith. Robinson said Smith was angry on him for another reason.

“He said some things about me in one of his articles, and I saw him endeavour before the game, the guy speaks to me. A few words were exchanged, and I ended up in his face. That’s the reason why he despises me,” Robinson told TMZ.

Robinson dismissed the reason for the issue being his relations with his former coaches in the NBA.

“That’s not the reason, that’s the reason he’s trying to portray,” Robinson said. “The real reason he despises me is because I got into his face. And it almost got physical. And we all know what the outcome would’ve been if things got physical. It wasn’t worth it.”

Robinson then went on to make an open preposition to Stephen A. Smith – to settle their differences like real men.

“I don’t want the brother to despise me for another 12 years, so we can set something up and take it to the cage, to get it off the chest,” Robinson said.

Ex-NBA All-Star forward Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson was a two-time NBA All-Star, and averaged over 20 points per game in 8 of his 10 NBA seasons.

He averaged career high 23.4 ppg for the Milwaukee Bucks during the 1997-98 seasons. Robinson averaged 10 ppg in his last season with the San Antonio Spurs, when he helped the team win an NBA championship.

Robinson holds career averages of 20.7 ppg, 6.1 rpg in 36.8 minutes of playing time. He appeared in 688 NBA games, started in 668 of them.


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