Grant Hill: Duncan was about team, winning in era where people are about themselves

grant-hill-suitedFollowing the retirement of one of greatest NBA forwards, Tim Duncan, many former NBA players were asked to comment on the legendary player’s decision.

Ex-NBA star Grant Hill, who played against Duncan for many years, said that Duncan was “one of the better players of our generation”.

“We all know his accomplishments, the all-star games, first team all-NBA, and everything he did, but I think of him as a guy who was all about the team and about winning in an era, where a lot of people are about themselves,” Hill noted. “I think that is as impressive as anything he’s done.”

A 15-time All-Star, Tim Duncan won 5 NBA championships with the Spurs, along with two MVPs, three NBA Finals MVPs, fifteen All-Star appearances, and seventeen appearances on an All-NBA first, second or third team.

Duncan played 1392 career regular season games, all with the San Antonio Spurs, averaging 19 ppg, 10.8 rpg, 2.2 bpg in 34 minutes on the court.

“He’s had a tremendous career, he left an impact on this league, for fans and players all over the world,” Hill said.


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