“Heavily armed” ex-NBA heroin addict in trouble again

robert-swiftIt’s safe to say that for Robert Swift, who once played for the Seattle Sonics and OKC Thunder, the road to the NBA is now closed.

One month after police allegedly seized drugs, guns and a grenade launcher from the home he was living in, Swift was charged with a a gun crime, according to Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The news first broke out earlier in November, when prosecutors described 28-year old Swift as a “heavily armed heroin addict”, who admitted to helping his drug dealer-turned-roommate collect a drug debt.

Investigators contend a military-style grenade launcher and sawed-off shotgun were seized from Swift’s bedroom during an Oct. 4 raid. Following the raid, Swift was charged with unlawful possession of a short-barreled shotgun.

SWAT team officers raided the house on Oct. 4, arresting Swift, along with this friend.

Swift’s drug-dealing friend defended the former NBA star, saying that he never did drugs himself, and was just helping out with the debt.

The police said “there were used needles, methamphetamine pipes with residue, baggies with residue and pieces of used aluminum foil scattered in plain view throughout the residence and in both suspects’ bedrooms.”

Searching the home, police seized dozens of weapons, including the sawed-off shotgun and grenade launcher, the ATF agent told the court. Several of the weapons were fitted with suppressors that may not have been properly registered; according to charging papers, Swift told police he had proper paperwork for the silencers.

Speaking with police, Swift said he had drug paraphernalia locked in his bedroom, the ATF agent told the court. He also claimed several suppressors and guns as his property.

Swift’s bedroom was well stocked with firearms, according to the ATF agent’s statement.

“(Swift) did not admit to dealing drugs, but stated that he is addicted to heroin and uses it daily,” the ATF agent told the court.

Swift had not been jailed, though a he has been ordered held on $20,000 bail. He has no criminal history.

The 7’2 center, Swift was drafted directly out of high school in 2004 and was a favorite amongst several well-respected NBA GMs, but his game never found a groove and he last played in the NBA back in 2009.

Swift played four seasons in the NBA, three of them with Seattle Supersonics, one with Oklahoma Thunder. He averaged career high 6.4 ppg, 5.6 rpg an 1.2 bpg for the Sonics in 2005-2006.

Swift holds career averages of 4.3 ppg, 3.9 rpg and 0.9 bpg, and 15.5 mpg in 97 NBA games (34 started). After a stint in the NBA’s minor league, Swift also played professionally in Tokyo.


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