Horace Grant: I played with 5’3, 5’5 guys, so doesn’t matter how tall you are

horace-grant-lakersFormer NBA forward Horace Grant dismissed rumors that short players cannot succeed in the NBA.

“It doesn’t matter about your economic background or how tall or short you are. If you are willing to learn and put the hard work in, you can become anything you want to become, the best cricket player or the best basketball player or a footballer,” said Grant.

Grant, along with other fellow former NBA stars Peja Stojakovic and Ron Harper were in India in late September for the 3-on-3 NBA Jam session.

“I have played with guys who are 5’3″ or 5’5″, so it doesn’t matter about size. It is about having an ideal place to go and work out and it matters about your teachers,” Grant added.

Grant spent 17 seasons in the NBA, playing for Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Seattle Supersonics and Los Angeles Lakers. He won four NBA titles – three with Chicago Bulls and one with LA Lakers.

In his 1165 games (1037 started) in the league, Grant averaged 11.2 ppg, 8.1 rpg and 1.0 bpg.

Further speaking about basketball developing more and more around the world, Grant admitted that though China was ahead of India in basketball, the country needed someone like the 7’6″ tall Shanghaian Yao Ming, who played in the NBA for Houston Rockets for nine years from 2002, to kickstart a boom.

Grant, who came through collegiate basketball into the professional ranks, also said he has heard people talk about a 7’2″-inch tall Indian, Ludhina-born Satnam Singh who trains at the NBA Academy in Florida, as India’s future prospect to appear in the American League.

Satnam has got offers from a few US colleges to play for them, informed an official working for NBA in India.

“The sky is the limit. There are similarities to China when they first got their roots in basketball and they have grown over the years. Things have taken root here and over the years, India too will grow,” he explained when asked about the future of basketball in the country.

Grant said that inter-collegiate basketball was very competitive in the US.

“It was very competitive and I had great four years of college basketball and I needed those years. When Kobe Bryant and Lebron James came in, they were exception to the rule,” he said.

“As a teenager, I knew that is what I wanted to do – to become a NBA basketball player and also was studies. My parents wouldn’t allow me to play ball if I didn’t study. And that is what I tell the kids today,” Grant added.


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