Inside Stuff: Grant Hill shares story on Shaquille O’Neal choking out teammate

grant-hill-inside-stuffEx-NBA player Grant Hill, who now hosts NBA’s “Inside Stuff” shared a story on Shaquille O’Neal, while he was playing for Phoenix Suns.

According to the Arizona Republic, Hill spoke about Shaq choking out teammate Gordan Giricek during a practice.

Hill said O’Neal literally put Giricek to sleep in a closed practice, after the game. Hill redacted a main character from his other story, sharing only that O’Neal put a sleeper hold on a teammate.

As it was revealed later, the incident happened in April of 2008.

It turns out O’Neal and Gordan Giricek, who had been with the Suns for all of six weeks, mixed it up verbally during a closed practice. He put Giricek in a sleeper hold, except it was no fake. Giricek passed out.

Giricek played in the remainder of the season, but it was his last NBA season.

Giricek spent 10 seasons in the NBA, playing in 384 games, starting in 191 of them. He saw playing time with Memphis Grizzlies, Orlando Magic,Utah Jazz, Philadelphia Sixers and Phoenix Suns. Giricek holds career averages of 9.6 ppg and 2.5 rpg in 23 mpg.


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  1. Shaq has always been like this, a huge clown. Sometimes he’d do that as well…choking I mean. The NBA’s going to miss him. It already does. so far, no one quite like him. DH doesn’t even come close.