Iverson halts mansion auction, blames ex-wife for default

Former NBA star Allen Iverson has managed to stall a planned auction to sell off his foreclosed Atlanta, Georgia mansion by filing legal papers objecting to the sale.

The former NBA icon’s $4.5 million home was due to go under the hammer this week after he allegedly defaulted on his mortgage, but the auction was pulled at the last minute as Iverson claimed he never consented to the bank loan.

Iverson recently filed a lawsuit that claims he never consented to the loan and so should not lose his home because it has been defaulted.

Rather than himself being responsible for the loan, Iverson is arguing that his estranged wife, who he is allegedly going through a tense divorce battle with right now, signed up to the mortgage.

According to TMZ, he claims that she purposes signed unreachable terms to the loan as she wanted him to be unable to fulfill them and end up losing his home, all in an attempt to get back at him.

Due to the lawsuit being fled against the mortgage company, the foreclosure proceedings have been put on hold. However, it is unsure how much extra time Iverson will now have.

Iverson won the NBA scoring title during the 1998–99, 2000–01, 2001–02 and 2004–05 seasons, and was one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history, despite his relatively small stature compared to most other NBA players.

His regular season career scoring average of 26.7 points per game ranks sixth all-time, and his playoff career scoring average of 29.7 points per game is second only to Michael Jordan.


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