Jason Kidd: We wanted to be like Mike, today kids grow seeing Steph Curry

jason-kidd-steph-curryJason Kidd, being one of the greatest point guards of the late 90’s and 2000’s, knows a thing or two about what it takes to be great. After all – he played against arguably the best ever, Michael Jordan himself.

Before he retired from playing basketball and began coaching it, Jason Kidd claimed that Michael Jordan was the best player he ever played against.

“Just because of the expectations,” Kidd said in an interview for his own website. “Each night, people [would say], ‘I’m going to see Michael, what is he going to go for? Is he going to score 40? Is he going to score 50 tonight? Is he going to score 60?’ And he never let down those people. He always came and put on a show.”

“He was probably the hardest to guard,” Kidd added, “Because he was on stage each night and he brought it.”

Times change however, as do the players that represent the NBA at the highest level. The torch was passed from Jordan to others: Iverson, McGrady, Bryant, LeBron James and now Stephen Curry.

While it is too early to put Stephen Curry on the same level as Jordan or Kobe Bryant, in terms of greatness, Jason Kidd believes Curry is the one who is “followed” by modern NBA fans.

“He’s this generation’s Jordan. We all wanted to be like Mike, and children today will grow up seeing Steph,” said Jason Kidd, according to The San Francisco Chronicle’s Rusty Simmons.


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