John Amaechi takes part in coaching clinic, praises young players

john-amaechiFormer NBA player John Amaechi recently visited the Ipswich basketball Club, praising the young players there.

Ipswich is a large town in Suffolk, England, of which it is the county town. Ipswich is located on the estuary of the River Orwell.

Amaechi took part in a coaching clinic, worked with young players at the club and watched the team’s match against Loughborough.

“They are already doing good things and I think one of the most magnanimous things which is to say we can always learn more, which is why I came down,” Amaechi told The Ipswich Star.

“It has been excellent. The kids have really focused on what is for them some new things and they’ve shown willing and put in great effort and that’s all you can ask.”

Amaechi was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but grew up in Stockport. He then moved to the USA to play high school and college basketball.

Amaechi spent 5 years in the NBA, playing for Cleveland, Orlando and Utah. During his best season, with Orlando Magic (99-00), Amaechi averaged 10.5 ppg and 3.3 rpg per game, playing 80 games (53 started), in 21.1 minutes per match.

Amaechi played a total of 294 NBA games (93 started), averaging 6.2 ppg and 2.6 rpg in 16.4 minutes per game.

After retiring from the sport, Amaechi became the first ex NBA star to come out publicly as gay.


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