John Starks: Anthony Mason fought for everything in NBA, every day is a fight for him

starks-mason-knicksAfter suffering a massive heart attack earlier in February, ex-NBA forward Anthony Mason is slowly recovering, with his family by his side.

John Starks, Mason’s former teammate on the NY Knicks has remained in close contact with Mason’s family, getting updates on his friend.

“He was a hard-nosed player. We came to the Knicks around the same time and he fought for everything he got in this league as well as growing up,” Starks said, NY Post reported.

Starks recalled when he first heard the news about Mason suffering a heart attack.

“It was a shock,” Starks said. “Unfortunately these things do occur in life. There’s no rhyme or reason why it happens, but it’s something he continues to fight. His family continues to pray. We continue to pray.”

Mason underwent multiple surgeries following a heart attack earlier in February. Luckily, former NBA star was close to the emergency room and was treated right away, which saved his life.

“Mase is the type of guy who’s going to fight every inch of the way,” Starks said. “He’s fighting right now for his life, and I believe he’s going to pull through.”

Starks remains confident because of the toughness Mason has always displayed, in life and on a basketball court.

“Well he’s battling right now,” Starks said. “Every day is just a fight for him. We continue to pray for him. It’s just tough right now. Being his friend and former teammate, it’s tough to see him in that situation. We just continue to send out our prayers to him and the family and pray that everything works out.”

Mason played high school basketball in the New York City, attended the Tennessee State University, then basketball minor leagues, before coming into the NBA.

The 6-foot-7 defensive stalwart spent 13 seasons in the NBA with the New Jersey Nets, Denver Nuggets, NY Knicks, Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks.

Mason won the Sixth Man of the Year for the 1994-95 Knicks, coached by Pat Riley. The 1993-94 team lost in the finals to the Houston Rockets.

Mason played in 882 NBA games (started in 559), for New Jersey Nets, Denver Nuggets, NY Knicks, Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks. Mason averaged career high 16.2 ppg, 5.7 apg and 11.4 rpg for Hornets during the 1996-97 season. He was named NBA All-Star in 2001.


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