John Starks: For me personally, being a shooter, balance is everything

john-starks-suitPlayers know that ankle injuries are the most common ones in basketball. The team behind Ektio shoes created new sneakers model called the “Breakaway”, which help players to prevent possible ankle sprains.

Ektio has been around since late 2010, when Dr. Barry Katz brought the clinically tested kicks to the basketball market after extensive testing to build a shoe that protects the ankle better than any other model available at retail.

Ektio has testimonials from players around the country saying they would have shredded their ankles if not for the lockdown fit of the shoes.

Breakaway is constructed to provide a player with maximum balance and stability in the foot—a key to shooting the rock better.

Crazy as it may seem, Ektio claims that a recent survey conducted by the company revealed that 42 percent of players felt that Ektio shoes improved their outside shooting efficiency compared to their prior sneakers.

At its core, though, Ektio is about protecting your precious ankles, without tape or braces in addition to your kicks.

Former Knicks guard John Starks has lent his name for the product, and witnessed first-hand what the shoes are all about.

“Obviously, you’re always curious about something that can really help your sport. So we set up a meeting [with Barry] at a restaurant. We sat down, had dinner and he broke out the shoe. I was looking at the shoe and trying to figure out what’s the curiosity in the shoe itself. I put it on and saw exactly what he was talking about. The feel, the comfort was just incredible,” Starks said.

Starks noted that looking at the shoe would make one think that it would prohibit you from moving, just by the look of it.

“But it gives you the same range of motion that any basketball shoe gives you, but with the safety value of the shoe itself built in,” he said.

Asked if the shoes could have extended his playing career, Starks noted that “it could have helped a big deal”.

“The shoe gives you balance. For me personally, being a shooter, balance is everything. You hear people talking about how they shoot the ball a lot better with this shoe on, and that says a lot. I don’t think too many shoes out there can really claim that, and we have proof with percentages that guys are shooting the ball a lot better because of the balance it gives you,” he said.

Starks also said that it is planned to get the shoes for the NBA players.

“The plan is to get them to put the shoe on, first and foremost, and show them the benefits of wearing our shoe. That this is a shoe that will help you with safety as far as spraining ankles, and help with balance on the court,” he said.

“Most guys are always trying to find something new that will improve their game. And when you can provide them with something, they’re more than willing to take a stab at it, just to see if this is something that can really help with their career,” he concluded.

Starks played for the New York Knicks for 8 years, helping the team to reach the NBA playoffs in those 8 seasons.

In 1993-1994 season, Starks helped the Knicks to reach the NBA Finals, where the Knicks faced the Houston Rockets.

Starks played 866 NBA games (420 started), scoring 10829 points (12.5 ppg), grabbing 2129 rebounds (2.5 rpg), and dishing out 3085 assists (3.6 apg).

Starks had his best season with the Knicks in 93-94, averaging career best 19 ppg, 5.9 apg, and appearing in the 93-94 NBA All-Star game.


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