Jordan reacts to Kobe Bryant passing him on NBA’s All-time scoring list

jordan-kobe-3So it happened. Kobe Bryant has passed legendary Michael Jordan on NBA’s All-time scoring list. Jordan is now on 4th spot, Bryant became 3rd with 32,293.

Now, Bryant is only behind Karl Malone (36,928 points) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387 points).

Considering Bryant’s age, he will unlikely reach Abdul-Jabbar, however if he manages to stay healthy, he will be able to reach Malone next season or so.

There has been so much talk going on regarding Bryant passing Jordan that MJ has decided to react, and his response was quite diplomatic.

“I congratulate Kobe on reaching this milestone,” said Jordan’s statement for AP. “He’s obviously a great player, with strong work ethic and has an equally strong passion for the game of basketball.”

“I’ve enjoyed watching his game evolve over the years, and I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes next,” Jordan’s message said.

A six-time NBA champion, Jordan earned fame and fortune on the basketball court, as well as through endorsements and movies.

The Hall of Fame player won six National Basketball Association championships with the Chicago Bulls. He won the NBA Most Valuable Player award five times and was named an all-star 14 times.

His on-court success and commercial endorsements have made him one of the most recognizable and prosperous athletes in the United States. Jordan played in total 1072 NBA games (1039 started), averaging 30.1 ppg, 6.2 rpg in 38.3 minutes per contest.


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